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cities where to obtain maximum profitability

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RANKING – Buying a cellar to rent it out is an investment accessible to all budgets. Find out in which Parisian districts and in which provincial towns the operation is the most lucrative.

Every square meter is precious in Paris as in major French cities. Maid’s room, garages or parking space…everything can be rented. And even the surfaces hidden in the basement. Cellars, a new fashionable investment, display profitability rates much higher than other areas, sometimes exceeding 10% annual gross yield. Another advantage: it is an investment accessible to all budgets, from a few thousand euros. However, not all underground spaces are created equal. Thanks to exclusive data from the JeStocke platform, Le Figaro reveals here for the first time the average rate of return of cellars for the districts of the capital and for the large metropolises (see methodology).

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