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Will energy-intensive housing soon be banned for sale?

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Since the rental of energy-intensive housing (DPE F and G) is prohibited, many fear that the second stage of the ecological rocket will be an outright ban on the sale of thermal strainers. And it seems that this idea is germinating more and more in the mind of the government which is studying this possibility. It was first of all the President of the Republic, in person, who instilled doubt in the heads of the owners. Emmanuel Macron declared that “when (THE owners sell (their energy-intensive housing), they have to do the work», in the show “Hugo Décrypte”, broadcast on September 4 (from 22’35 »). Is the Head of State suggesting that owners will have to renovate their homes before selling them?

Whatever the case, this little sentence that went unnoticed is enough to set things on fire. Contacted by Le Figarothe Ministry of Housing denies and indicates that there is “no ban» envisaged by the government. “We have been working for a long time to see how to increase the number of renovations during transfers (real estate sales), which constitute a stage conducive to financing and carrying out work.», Explains Patrice Vergriete’s entourage.

The Ministry of Housing denies

Unlike the President of the Republic, at the Ministry of Housing, we are considering taking action on buyers of thermal sieves rather than on sellers of these same energy-intensive homes. “We are considering getting purchasers of thermal strainers to carry out work», confides the ministry, without giving further details on the nature – incentive or coercive – of the measures it is considering and on the form they would take. Which path will the executive take: the one mentioned by the Minister of Housing or the one desired by the President of the Republic?

Beyond the influence of the head of state, the second solution seems to have more chance of succeeding. And all the more so since it is in line with what the European Parliament decided last March. A measure that caused quite a stir at the time. The leader of the Republicans in the European Parliament, François-Xavier Bellamy, had denounced a “economic, social and ecological contradiction». It is up to Member States to transpose the European directive at national level. It remains to be seen how they will go about juggling the climate emergency and respect for property rights, often flouted and yet protected by the Constitutional Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.


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