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Why choose an inflatable SPA?

Do you dream of having a SPA, but you don’t want to undertake major work and ruin yourself? In this case, opt for the inflatable SPA! It is a balneotherapy and hydrotherapy equipment at home, easy to install and much less expensive than the classic SPA. It is equipped with an electric heater and air nozzles which allow you to obtain the famous bubbles in order to offer you a moment of relaxation.

Why an inflatable SPA?

The Zyke inflatable SPA brings you daily well-being. Indeed, it provides a toning effect to your body in addition to helping your dead skin to disappear! In addition, it stimulates blood circulation and aids digestion. If you have back pain, arthritis or rheumatism, the SPA is then recommended to relieve your pain.

And even without suffering from all these problems, it is always pleasant to relax and ease the tensions in your body and mind after a hard day.

How to choose your spa?

Some brands, such as Zyke, offer a selection of high quality hot tubs that are easy to install and above all inexpensive. So enjoy your premium inflatable hot tub with confidence and for many years!

In addition, the site offers different styles of SPA: oval, round, rectangular or even square to better meet your expectations and your tastes. Some are even decorated, which makes them even more attractive. Zyke SPAS are also all equipped with a integrated filtration system.

The size is also an important criterion to take into account. Zyke SPAS can accommodate between 1 and 7 people. A SPA for two people is perfect if you are a couple or alone. You are free to choose its location, because thanks to its small size, it will settle where you want. The 4-person SPA is ideal for small families or couples who like to receive people. It does not take up too much space and provides quality comfort! For medium or large families, opt instead for a 6 to 8-seater spa depending on the space available in your home so that everyone can enjoy it.

In addition to all this, some Zyke SPAS are equipped with cup holdersstorage spaces and a touch control panel! They are therefore real modern SPAS to impress your guests and make you feel comfortable.

Where to install my SPA?

The inflatable SPA is very easy to install and uninstall. Indeed, it can inflate and deflate at will. However, filling it with water will take time and money.

It can also be placed anywhere, whether inside what to outside. If you decide to install it outside, however, it is best to place it under a shelter to avoid potential leaves or other unwanted insects.

Inside, any room can accommodate it! On the other hand, plan a little space and above all, be sure and certain of the place where you install it, because once filled, it will be a little too heavy to be moved. Also make sure your room is well airy and that it be composed neither of woodwork nor of tapestry. If this is the case, these must be protected.

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