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who is La Zarra, the Quebecer who will represent France?

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Eurovision 2023 will take place on May 13 in Liverpool. A mysterious young voice, named La Zarra, will represent France. Who is she ?

Her name is La Zarra, she is 25 years old and she is the one who will wear “with dignity and pride” as she puts it so well, the colors of France during this new edition of Eurovision. If it is still too little known in France, the one that comes straight from Montreal has won and intends to win the competition!

The young Quebecer is very influenced by the big names in French variety : her stage name, La Zarra, is also a tribute to La Môme Edith Piaf. “I am a great admirer of the most beautiful French voices like Edith Piaf, Barbara, Dalida, but also Celine Dionand I can’t wait to introduce my song to all Europeans, which I hope will become theirs »said the young woman to theAFP.

If the general public has never heard of La Zarra (Fatima Zahra Hafdi of her real name), she had a nice little success with her title you will go away and sings a duet with Slimane on his first album Treachery.

Eurovision 2023: does France have a chance?

As the note The Obs, the appointment of La Zarra to represent France this year at Eurovision is not the result of a vote but of a decision by the head of the delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel. “The external selection, by vote of a jury and public, is put on hold in 2023 but will return in 2024”said Alexandra Redde-Amiel at theAFP.

With her pin-up look, her hats and her line of eyeliner, will La Zarra be able to get out of the game in order to bring the cup back to France? Will she succeed Mary Miriam who, in 1977, won the competition with his hit The Bird and the Child ?

In 2021, Barbara Pravi had risen to second place with Here is. Will the young Canadian singer be able to do better? In any case, his motivation seems flawless. “I’m going there to win. I practiced a lot of sports when I was younger, especially boxing, so I take it as a new competition.she insisted in the columns of Parisian.

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