When insurers get rid of their customers

INVESTIGATION – Every year, some customers discover with amazement that their company or mutual has terminated their auto and home insurance contract.

Caroline initially thought it was a mistake when she discovered the letter from her insurer, BNP Paribas Assurance. By registered letter, the latter informed him that he was terminating his home insurance contract because of a “excessive loss”. In nineteen years, however, she has only declared an overflowing washing machine and a leak problem in the bathroom for which she was not responsible (and which therefore cost her insurer nothing) . Only then, these two claims were declared in quick succession within a month of each other. This pushed Caroline into the category of risky clients. Jean-Alexis and Catherine had a similar experience. While they had been insured for more than 25 years with Maaf, the mutual insurance company simultaneously terminated their car and home insurance contracts. Again, the insurer invoked “too many disasters”. The couple had declared three claims over the past four years: the garden gate damaged by a truck driving…

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