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what drinks to consume to restore transit?

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To combat constipation, you need to focus on fiber and certain drinks. Which ones? Our advices.

As the Ameli website explains, “constipation is defined by a reduction in the frequency of stools associated with difficulty in passing them”. He makes it clear that temporary constipation must be distinguished from chronic constipation. What are the causes ? How to overcome such a blockage? According to several experts, certain drinks help restore transit.

What causes occasional constipation?

As we can read on the official Health Insurance website, the occasional constipation may be due to several factors. It may be a “change in daily habits”, due to travel, a change in diet, stress or immobilization. It can also be due to a “special life situation such as the last months of pregnancy”.

Constipation can also be linked to “temporary taking of a medication”as a pain reliever, or “about “holding back” and not responding to the need to have a bowel movement”. As for chronic constipation, it is more often linked to an unbalanced diet, for example low in fiber, to low physical activity or even to an illness.

What drinks should you consume to restore transit?

Some water

According to experts, drinking plenty of water is the first step to better combating constipation. According to a study relayed by our colleagues at DoctissimoHepar bottles are very effective. “If women drink 1 L of Hépar®. per day saw the number of normal stools increase, those who drank “only” 500 mL had fewer hard stools, from the second week. Finally, overall, participants in the Hépar ® groups reported suffering less from abdominal pain”we can read on the site.

woman glass of water

Apparently, it is the concentration of magnesium that makes this water particularly effective. We also find a lot of it in the bottles of Rozana, Quézac, Badoit, Contrex and Courmayeur.


Another drink: coffee! According to researchers at the University of Texas, it has a laxative effect. “The laxative effects are independent of caffeine, since caffeine-free coffee had similar effects to regular coffee”, said Xuan-Zheng Shi, gastroenterologist and lead author of the study. This hot drink “stimulates contractions of the small intestine and colon, allowing better passage of solid foods”as explained The Women’s Journal.

Fruit-based drinks

To combat constipation, you can also opt for fruit juices, such as citrus fruits. The latter are particularly rich in fiber and also have the advantage of containing many vitamins. Apple and prune juices are also highly recommended. In the same way, you can prepare a delicious homemade smoothie, with fruits rich in fiber such as apples, bananas, pears or even red fruits.

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