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Although the use of CBD oil is still recent, it has demonstrated undeniable virtues. How to take advantage of it?

CBD oil, what is it?

CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule present in hemp. A cannabinoid, like THC, it is now used legally in France and in many European countries. You should know that CBD owes its popularity to its many virtues, not to mention that it is totally healthy. Unlike other molecules in its category, it does not cause addiction and psychoactive effects.

L’cbd oil is one of the most widespread forms of use of the molecule. It is produced in three ways from the trichomes of the plant:

  • By solvent extraction, mainly ethanol;
  • By supercritical CO2 extraction;
  • By extraction with vegetable oil, that is to say by letting the flowers infuse in vegetable oil to extract the active molecules.

These extraction methods are the source of three types of CBD oils, namely CBD isolate oil, broad spectrum CBD oil, and full spectrum CBD oil. Also note that it is available in different levels of concentration on sites like Greeneo. It is therefore possible to find oils between 2.5 and 45% CBD in order to benefit more or less quickly from their effects.

What are the different uses of CBD oil?

CBD oil has soothing, anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory powers. It is thus a solution against insomnia, stress and anxiety. It is also a natural solution to soothe joint pain. In addition, many studies are still underway to demonstrate the beneficial effects of CBD oil against epileptic seizures and degenerative diseases. Find all the properties of CBD here.

How to consume CBD oil?

Oral administration is the easiest way to use CBD oil. Different consumption modes are available:

  • The sublingual route, which consists of pouring the drops of CBD oil under the tongue and letting them act for one to two minutes before swallowing. This mode of consumption helps target endocannabinoid receptors in the nervous system, so the effects are felt quickly.
  • CBD oil infusion, which involves diluting drops of CBD oil in boiling water. Add fat to release all the active molecules. The infusion is particularly interesting to improve the quality of the sleep and is usually drunk a few moments before bedtime.
  • Culinary preparations with CBD oil, knowing that the latter can be incorporated into all cooked or raw recipes (drinks, salads, etc.). This mode of consumption has the advantage of masking the sometimes earthy and bitter taste of CBD oil. It is however at the origin of a slower absorption of the molecule, with effects which are felt only after one or two hours.

As mentioned earlier, there are several oil concentrations to choose from. A 10% bottle indicates in particular the presence of 1000 mg of CBD in 10 ml of oil. Note that the dosage of CBD oil is based on body mass and the desired effects. The recommended dosage is around 0.25 mg per kg of weight, to be distributed throughout the day. For chronic pain, it is possible to increase the dose up to 100 mg per day. In any case, it is necessary to start with small doses to accustom the body to the molecule.

What are other uses of CBD oil?

Aside from consumption, vaping is a popular way of using CBD oil. This technique ensures better absorption of the molecule. To do this, add a few drops of oil to your usual e-liquid.

In addition, cosmetics with CBD oil are increasingly popularized. Due to its antioxidant properties, it is an ally against cellular aging and skin dryness. In other words, it blurs wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and gives a healthy glow. It is therefore possible to incorporate it into all types of skincare formulas.


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