What are the best sports for health (cardio, strength, balance)?

What are the best sports for health (cardio, strength, balance)?For your physical and mental health, it is advisable to combine sports that require your endurance, your strength and your balance / coordination. Above all, it is especially important to find one or more physical activities that you enjoy and to practice them regularly at an intensity adapted to your abilities.

The best endurance sports

The heart is a muscle: it needs to work and be maintained. Endurance sports allow you to effectively develop your cardio. Among the best physical activities, we find cycling, running, swimming or walking.

On a daily basis, a few simple gestures can help you work on your cardio: avoid taking the elevator and prefer the stairs, make your short walks, etc.

The best strength sports

Building muscle is essential for good body health. In addition to making muscles stronger and more toned, it has many benefits for bones, posture and joints.

Who says strength sport, necessarily says bodybuilding. At home or in a gym, the possibilities of strengthening are numerous. If interested in the 2nd option, take advantage of our comparison of the prices of a fitness subscription in Switzerland.

The Best Balance/Coordination Sports

Balance and coordination are two essential elements in everyday life. To work on them, the best sports are yoga, skiing or paddleboarding. Yoga has the advantage of being suitable for everyone and is also very good for mental health.

Everything for your health

The winter period often puts a strain on health. To keep in shape, do not hesitate to consult 10 tips for staying healthy.

Your health and diet are important to you: consult grandmother’s remedies for natural healing.

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