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Viva Viager offers free lifetime follow-up - Liberté financière, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Viva Viager offers free lifetime follow-up, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Life contracts are an increasingly popular real estate option in France. Indeed, they represent 5,500 annual transactions worth one billion euros. However, long-term security is a major challenge for buyers and sellers. That is why Life annuity offers a solution by offering a free “lifetime follow-up”. A guarantee of the smooth running of its life contracts until their term. Which is a first in the sector!

How to increase your purchasing power thanks to life contracts?

By 2030, the population of people aged over 75 will increase by more than 40%. While more than 85% of French people want to age at home, it is urgent to guarantee the maintenance of their autonomy in optimal conditions.

life contracts

How to increase your purchasing power thanks to life contracts?

This challenge is all the more crucial in the current context of inflation and declining purchasing power of retirees. Why give up staying at home for lack of sufficient income to maintain one’s autonomy? Why choose between his comfort and the transmission of a good to his children? The life annuity is the real estate solution that eliminates these harmful compromises.

Everything is possible with life contracts! Maintain your habits with the lifetime enjoyment of your home by establishing a tailor-made contract with specific terms (right of use and habitation, usufruct, bouquet and annuities, term sale, bare ownership or life, conditions of early release). You will thus be legally protected thanks to the “seller’s privilege” in the event of non-payment. In addition, your spouse will be covered with a joint and survivor annuity free of charge to the last survivor without inheritance rights. Finally, it is possible to pass on part of the capital to your family via a partially tax-free donation.

The life annuity: a solution accessible to all for a better quality of life

Sell ​​your property in life annuity or bare ownership and enjoy it for life, while receiving a bouquet and monthly annuities. Indeed, these amounts, defined according to the value of your property and your age, will allow you to benefit from tax exemptions.

Namely, the bouquet is exempt from tax, and life annuities are subject to a tax deduction of 70% from the age of 70. You can also benefit from a reduction in real estate wealth tax. Thus, with life contracts, you will only pay the rental charges. While the expenses related to the works, the major repairs of the building and the property tax will be borne by the buyer.

Take the example of a 79-year-old lady with a Parisian studio worth €280,000. She rented it for €800 a month, which brought her €4,300 a year, after utilities and property tax were deducted. Tired of the rental management of her property, she decided to sell it in free life. Thus, she received a bouquet of 100,000 euros and a monthly pension of 1,250 €. That is an annual lifetime income of €13,650 net of tax. And, she is no longer responsible for managing her property.

Lifetime follow-up of life contracts: a 100% zen experience

Buyers and sellers have evolved in recent years, with increasingly varied profiles. Indeed, first-time buyers and institutional investors are part of the life annuity buyers. While sellers are getting younger and have different needs.

However, life annuity professionals have not followed this development and the offer has remained traditional. It does not meet the new challenges in terms of real estate investments. This is why Viva Viager has enjoyed great success by offering tailor-made solutions and innovative financial arrangements to reinvent the life annuity.

“Unlike traditional sales, the life transaction does not end on the day of signing at the notary! We have therefore taken the initiative to monitor and facilitate the relationship between the annuitant and the annuitant over time.” – Reza Nakhai, founding partner of Viva Viager.

Indeed, Viva Viager offers, as part of its “Viva Pact”, personalized support for each of its customers. With one objective: to offer a “100% zen” experience by ensuring the proper functioning of its life contracts.

This commitment translates into very concrete services:

  • Annual monitoring of indexation of annuities and their proper payment;
  • Assistance in the breakdown of charges between the two parties to the contract;
  • Regular checks to validate compliance with the terms agreed between buyers and sellers;
  • If necessary, search for solutions adapted to the evolving needs of buyers and sellers;
  • Legal advice that guarantees the security of life contracts and answers customer questions.

“With our colleagues, this service does not exist or is billed separately. We are the only ones to consider that it is simply part of our job!” – Reza Nakhai.

In conclusion,

In conclusion, life contracts are real estate transactions that offer advantages such as the possibility of selling your home while maintaining occupation until the death of the owner. This type of contract is governed by the rules of the Civil Code, and has advantages. Such as the payment of a bouquet and monthly annuities to the seller as well as tax exemptions.

However, there are downsides to consider. In particular, the risk of hazard linked to the lifetime of the owner. To succeed in such a transaction, it is important to fully understand the principle and the various clauses. Such as the cancellation clause and the funeral clause as well as the specific glossary associated with life contracts.

It is therefore advisable to call on a lawyer to ensure the validity of the contract and the calculation of the contributions. It should be noted that there are different types of life contracts, such as occupied life and free life, which can meet different housing occupancy needs. The life market is flourishing. So, be sure to call on experts in this sector and surround yourself well to make an informed decision.

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