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Top 10 Netflix films and series 2023 in Switzerland

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Top 10 Netflix films and series 2023 in SwitzerlandNetflix is ​​the most popular streaming service in the world. In total, it has nearly 240 million subscribers. With more than 4,500 films and more than 2,000 series in its catalog, Netflix has the most complete offering on the market.

On its website, the American streaming giant displays the weekly global and national Top 10 most-watched films and series. For you, we have reviewed all of these rankings since the start of 2023. This has allowed us to draw up a table of the most popular films and series, which have remained the greatest number of weeks in the Swiss Top 10.

What are the best Netflix movies in 2023?

MoviesNumber of weeks in the Top 10
In the west, nothing is new11
Red Notice11
Glass Onion: A tale of daggers drawn9
The Swimmers8
Luther: Fallen Sun8
The Mother6
Tyler Rake 2 (Extraction 2)6
Love as a tourist5
Murder Mystery 25
You People5

What are the best Netflix series in 2023?

SeriesNumber of weeks in the Top 10
Wednesday (Wednesday): season 112
The Rookie: seasons 1 and 211 and 10
The Lincoln Defense: seasons 1 and 210 and 7
Always there for you: season 29
Manifest: season 48
Outer Banks: season 28
The Night Agent: season 18
The Witcher: season 38
In a Beat: Season 17
Ginny & Georgia: season 27
You: season 47

Among the most watched films and series in 2023, it is season 1 of “Mercredi (Wednesday)” which has the highest number of views (nearly 270 million) at the end of July. On the podium, we find the films “Glass Onion: A Tale of Knives Out” with more than 140 million views and “The Mother” with nearly 130 million views.

Netflix is ​​obviously not the only streaming service available in Switzerland and around the world. Among the main other platforms, we can notably cite Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Canal+ and Apple TV+. To find out more about their different specificities and know their prices, we have produced a comparison of video streaming platforms.

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