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this unpleasant surprise to come if you have not declared your accommodations

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OUR ADVICES – The tax authorities persist in setting new deadlines for each hiccup when it is possible to declare their accommodation without a fine until December 31, 2023. However, it is in your interest to comply quickly.

This time, no postponement. Despite the new bug that occurred on Wednesday August 9, the tax authorities have not announced, for the moment, that the deadline for declaring their real estate, set for August 10 inclusive, has been postponed. It will therefore no longer be possible from this Friday, August 11, to fulfill this declarative obligation? Well yes! Because, as confirmed by the tax authorities in Figaro, the “Manage my properties” service remains open beyond August 10. Landlords can thus modify their declaration in the event of a change of accommodation. If the service is still available beyond this deadline, some taxpayers may be tempted to wait a few more days, weeks or months before fulfilling their duty. And this, all the more, that they do not risk any financial penalty, set at 150 euros per accommodation, in 2023. In reality, the “real” deadline is therefore not August 10 but December 31, 2023.

Therefore, why does the tax administration persist in setting a deadline, despite the incessant postponements?…

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