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This appetite suppressant belt makes you lose weight - Liberté financiè, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This appetite suppressant belt makes you lose weight, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Jean-Pierre Allibe and his team won a gold medal at the 2022 Lépine Competition. This former surgeon invented a belt to lose weight without surgery.

A simple, rapid weight loss, without pain or diet: this is what the Alligator belt promises, a revolutionary weight loss technique. Similar to a sheath in which a small pear is integrated, this belt is more than a lambda accessory.

Invented by the former visceral and digestive surgeon Jean-Pierre Allibe after years of research and observation with his patients suffering from obesity, the Alligator belt seduced the jurors with its simplicity: it would allow induce a feeling of satiety just by wearing it around the waist and so on lose weight easily.

“You just have to put the belt on, then inflate it using a manual bulb until you feel a very light pressure. We reduce the active stomach like an operation. It is a surgical act without surgery”explains the doctor in the columns of West France.

The Alligator belt, “a surgical act without surgery”

Patented, the Alligator belt won a gold medal at the highly prized Concours Lépine 2022. It is made in a sewing workshop in Nice and put on sale to help people in need. to lose their extra poundswithout going through the surgery box. “Why remove 3/4 of a healthy stomach from a patient?wondered the doctor. And one morning, I found! As you eat less, you lose weight”explains Doctor Jean-Pierre Allibe, who himself tried his invention and went from 80 to 65 kilos in record time!

“After three months, normally, the user will achieve his goal. He will no longer need to use it and can change it in his closet. But after six months, it is possible that his weight will increase again,” he specifies, warning those who think they will find a miraculous product in his invention. Because a balanced diet is essential to keep the effects gained thanks to the wearing of the Alligator belt!

An appetite suppressant belt that promises miracles

“I have operated during my career on obese and overweight patients who had to undergo stomach reduction procedures. Difficult to agree to remove during these interventions, even in part, organs, perhaps distended but healthy in most cases (…) My reflections, based on human anatomy, led me to develop a therapy gentle and non-aggressive, well accepted and which participates in the regulation of appetite, without violent constraints or drastic diets”, can we read on the site of the Alligator belt.

In 2017, a belt of another kind caught the attention of the competition jury: the Boa belt! Practical with its many zipped pockets, expandable, colorful and reminiscent of the banana bags of the 80s, it will appeal to travelers who lack space or people who want to protect themselves from pickpockets, who can slip it under their sweater and wear it discreetly.

It can also be used during shopping and is available in child size. Thanks to his original invention, Jean-Philippe Pimare left with a medal and is selling his Boa belt for 15 euros on the Internet.

Concours Lépine 2022: a big winner defibrillator

Could this be one of the consequences linked to the Covid-19 pandemic ? For its 121st edition, the Concours Lépine saw several inventors parade with products related to health and well-being.

The highest distinction, the President of the Republic Prize, was awarded to Frédéric Leybold, a nurse who came to present Géocoeur, a that connects defibrillators to emergency services. “Passersby find the address of the victim of a heart attack by scanning the QR code on this box and they can intervene as quickly as possible, while waiting for help”explain France Blue.

Concours Lépine 2022: health in the spotlight

We were also able to discover Visaal, a mobile self-rinsing urinal, the idea of ​​Hamid Rahbi, a legal expert by profession. He received a gold medal in the “Connected Universe” category.

“Retirement homes have approached me as well as heads of clinics, doctors… They want to meet us to test Visaal in their establishment. Appointments are already scheduled for next week. Pharmacists are also interested in distributing it in pharmacies”he told the Parisianproud.

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