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These noisiest Parisian districts… and the quietest

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It’s well known that Paris is the noisiest city in Europe, according to a study by the financial product comparison site Money in 2022. Whether it’s because of the noise of cars or the bustle of the crowds that reigns in bars and restaurants, Paris is the queen of noise pollution. But which boroughs are the noisiest and where to hope to find a little peace?

Unsurprisingly, the 18th arrondissement is the noisiest in the capital, with a sound intensity of 59.1 decibels (dB), according to a study of the Flatlooker online rental management site, conducted with 1,500 homes. «The 18th arrondissement is the noisiest in Paris, especially in the Goutte d’Or and La Chapelle districts, due to the large concentration of restaurant and bar terraces“, explains Nicolas Goyet, co-founder of Flatlooker.

The 17th arrondissement is also one of the bad students with a sound intensity of 56.5 decibels. «In the 17th arrondissement, it is precisely in Batignolles that we find the noisiest environment due to the development of the ZAC Clichy-Batignolles“says Nicolas Goyet. Construction noises increased the loudness.

The 7th arrondissement, although prestigious, is not well ranked either. The sound intensity that reigns there is notable: 55.7 decibels. In 2019, he was already part of the bad student podium but in 2020, due to confinement, the sound intensity had dropped dramatically: -12 decibels. Traffic was less dense after the closure of the Eiffel Tower. It regains its place as a bad student in 2023. The Gros-Caillou district in particular has many very busy arteries. Traffic therefore increases the noise level.

Two boroughs offer calm

However, the sound intensity varies according to the location of the accommodation in the condominium. If it overlooks a garden or a courtyard, the average sound intensity measured by the Flatlooker teams in Paris is 37 decibels with windows closed, 43.2 windows open. If it overlooks a road open to traffic, it has an average sound intensity of 38.4 dB windows closed and 48.5 windows open.

No worries, however, it is possible to live in a peaceful district in the heart of Paris. The 2nd arrondissement in particular is presented as the quietest place in Paris, with a noise level of 42.3 decibels. «The 2nd arrondissement reveals the lowest noise intensity in Paris because the population density there is the lowest in the capitalemphasizes Nicolas Goyet.

The 9th arrondissement is also doing well, with 43.5 decibels. Its neighborhoods are rather residential which offers a feeling of calm. Squares also help to reduce noise. «On the 9th side, the dense network of small streets promotes low sound intensity», concludes Nicolas Goyet.


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