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the secret of her slim figure thanks to a “not very Catholic diet”

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After 60 years, Arielle Dombasle reveals the secret of her slender silhouette, based on a very particular diet.

An essential personality in show business, Arielle Dombasle is also a woman who still maintains the mystery around her age. According to some sources, she would be 70 years old today, except that she has never confirmed this information. One thing is certain, she is also known for her very slender figure, she who danced at Crazy Horse but also on the floor of Dance with the stars. His secret? She revealed it in the columns of Paris Match.

Arielle Dombasle’s slimming secret

To have such a figure after 60, Arielle Dombasle has a few secrets. Indeed, she describes her diet as “not very Catholic”. “Tea, cheese and seeds!” Almonds and cashews are full of energy and very good for the skin », she said. In addition to this strange diet, she also does sports. “I swim a lot. […] My grandmother lived to be 102 years old, she said to me: ‘My darling, a walk every day of her life, at any latitude!’. Like her, I am a being of movement. A high-speed animal. Always restless »added the artist.

According to her, it is also a question of » chance «. “The women in my family were very thin”, she explained. At the same time, Arielle Dombasle, shocked by the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses, confided that she had become a vegetarian. A few years ago, she posed nude on a poster for the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) association. On this occasion, she said more about her fight. “For most people, eating meat is something abstract. However, raising an animal, killing it, gutting it, sacrificing it to eat it, there is no reason for it, it is absolutely barbaric. Becoming a vegetarian is the best thing that can happen to you”she said.

Arielle Dombasle continues to leave the mystery surrounding her age

In a broadcast of Big heads broadcast on April 27, Arielle Dombasle celebrated her birthday. His acolytes did not fail to offer him a bouquet for the occasion, and Laurent Ruquier asked him how old that made him. “Well then, my age is an enigma”, she replied, choosing to leave some mystery lingering. Yet at the same time, she gave a clue: “I was born the same year as Madonna, Michael Jackson – but he died eh! – Prince – but he is dead too ». In other words, she would rather be in the year of her 65th birthday.

For his part, Jordan De Luxe also tried to pull the worms out of his nose during a visit to his set. “So we don’t know your age. There is April, and then I have 1953. That’s 70 years”he told her, before questioning her more directly, “How much is 50?” ». If we are to believe her statements on the radio, she would be around 65 years old, but did not really confirm the information to the host. Instead, she preferred to change the subject and emphasize that the age of women was not said. A great way to get by and still not answer this question that everyone is asking.

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