the price of the consultation jumps

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The doctors’ unions have agreed with the government to increase the price of the consultation in the office.

Will 2023 be the year of all increases? After the rise in hospital prices to keep up with inflation and come to the aid of employees in the sector, general practitioners overcame discussions with the Ministry of Health and Social Security. The standoff between the associations of doctors and the government has resulted in an agreement which risks being felt on the wallets of patients.

What is the cost of a doctor’s consultation?

Months disputes, strikes and stormy meetings later, doctors’ unions have found common ground. To cope with galloping inflation, the consultation within their cabinet will increase by 1.50 euros by the end of the year. A revaluation that Luc Duquesnel, president of the generalist branch of the Confederation of French medical unions judges « humiliating » in the columns of Parisian.

Because health specialists wanted to see their base price increase to 30 euros consultation. We are therefore well below their request since this revaluation represents an increase of 6% for general practitioners and 2.5% for specialists. “The government refuses
to grant liberal doctors the simple consideration of inflation, which he nevertheless requires from medical practices for their employees”indignant MG France, the union of general practitioners.

On the patient sidethis new increase will certainly be felt during their next medical appointments. The price of a consultation with the general practitioner will increase from 25 to 26.5 euros, from 30 to 31.50 euros for a consultation with a specialist « and even from 46 to 47.50 euros and from 60 to 61.50 euros in the event of a ‘complex’ consultation »notes the newspaper.

What is the difference between a sector 1 and sector 2 approved doctor?

According to the doctor’s agreement, you will not pay the same amount and will not be reimbursed at the same level. “In sector 1, 70% of the amount will be reimbursed by health insurance. You must pay the “flat-rate contribution” of 1 euro, unless you are a minor, benefit from complementary health insurance (for the most modest) or state medical aid”remember The Parisian.

“For practitioners in sector 2, who can allow themselves overruns of fees: their tariff being higher, and the Insurance
disease still only reimbursing 16.50 euros — if the professional is a member of Optam (practical controlled pricing option) —, the rest to load is more important », we read. New negotiations must take place.

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