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The owners invited to repaint their house in color, in Montrouge

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Expect to see the facades of Montrouge (92) regain color. Exit white or gray. The town hall invites owners to repaint their building in color, on the occasion of a facelift, for example. «Dear Montrouge owners, in Montrouge, we consider that each building, each house is like a subtle touch, under the brush of an artist, who paints the urban landscape. And your facelift is not an isolated act. It participates in the collective work, in the beauty of your city. Indeed, the colorful facades bring joy to your city. They make it more beautiful, more attractive“Explains the mayor of Montrouge Étienne Lengereau, on the City website.

The city councilor suggests to the inhabitants to «dare to color« . He entrusts to Figaro that «it is more pleasant to see colored facades than gray or uniform facades. In Montrouge, people travel a lot on foot, especially for shopping. The idea is to embellish the promenade with beautiful houses and beautiful buildings. Especially since it doesn’t cost more to put color rather than gray« .

However, you will have to submit the chosen color to the town hall’s urban planning commission, which will validate it or not. «Today, no color was refused but if the proposed color was too garish, we would refuse. A bright orange would not go for exampleexplains Etienne Lengereau. A resident of Oise who had repainted his shutters blue-green without asking permission from the town hall recently received no less than 7 registered letters from the town hall notifying him of this error. The house of this inhabitant is indeed located within the perimeter of the church which is listed and it was therefore up to the architect of the Buildings of France to decide on the color of the shutters and not up to him.

No subsidy to repaint its shutters

Today, around twenty buildings are colored in Montrouge, including that of Marie-Claude, who painted her house blue instead of «dusty gray15 years ago. «I did it without asking the town hall, but you have to believe that it didn’t pose a problem, quite the contrary, since we encourage others to do the same thing today“, she rejoices with the Parisian . It is moreover following several achievements of private origin that the municipality had this idea, as confided by the mayor to the Figaro.

The initiative of the mayor of Montrouge is not isolated. In March 2018, his counterpart in Brest already encouraged his constituents to repaint their facades in color in exchange for a lump sum grant 700 euros per house and 1400 euros for a building comprising at least two dwellings. In Montrouge, no financial boost is offered to the inhabitants, the initiative being basedon a voluntary basis“explains the mayor.


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