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Taxes: the site for declaring your real estate still crashes

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A real fiasco. Owners only have until tomorrow to declare their properties, but the tax site crashed again on Wednesday afternoon. It displays «the site is unreachable« . It is therefore impossible for taxpayers to make their declaration on the eve of the deadline, as related BFM. The page then worked again at the end of the afternoon, after a moment of hesitation, as assured by the DGFiP.

This is not the first time that the tax site has encountered malfunctions. After having postponed the original deadline for declaring real estate from June 30 to July 31 because of an influx of statements, Bercy had to postpone it again due to a computer problem. The « Manage my real estate » service was simply inaccessible on Monday, July 31. «Given the influx of connections on the impots.gouv site on this last day of the declarative campaign for the occupation of real estate, you may encounter difficulties in accessing your Manage my real estate space.“, could we read on the tax site.

No sanction by the end of the year

«There is a little traffic jam“, had then recognized the General Directorate of Public Finance. The deadline has therefore been shifted by one day initially, to August 1st, therefore, then 9 days, to Thursday August 10. Will these repeated technical problems convince Bercy to postpone the deadline again? In any case, there is no reason to panic for taxpayers who will not have been able to comply by tomorrow included. «No sanction will be pronounced by December 31, 2023», tries to reassure the tax administration. A form of extra time.


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