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Taxes 2023: owners must hurry to take this new step!

Are you a happy owner? Although the housing tax no longer concerns you, you must complete a mandatory online procedure.

Owners, you have until June 2023 to declare your situation on the website of the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFIP). This process is mandatory, even if you no longer pay the housing tax (which is in the process of disappearing completely except for second home owners and vacant premises).

Indeed, the DGFIP needs to know your situation in order to know who paid the housing tax during the year 2022, because some households must pay it in 2023, and to identify the premises taxable. Nearly 34 million owners are affected by this online procedure.

“Manage my real estate”: a mandatory procedure to be completed online

In order to verify that you do not have to pay council tax and that, therefore, you do not have any vacant premises or second homeyou must go to the site, section “My real estate” to complete a “declaration of occupation”, if you are an individual.

If you are a professional, go to Your professional space, section “Approach” then “Manage my real estate”. As soon as you access the declaration route, an information bubble “Declaration expected” is displayed above each property.

The owners must provide information, for each of their premises, in what capacity they occupy them and, when they do not occupy them themselves, specify the identity of the occupants and the period of occupation (situation as of 1 January 2023).

The identity of the occupant must be provided (for a natural person: surnames, first names, date and place of birth and for a legal person: its name and its SIREN). A summary is presented to you before the validation of the declaration and you can leave the service at any time and save the information entered and then resume the process in progress. Once the declaration has been validated, it is immediately available in PDF format in the “Manage my real estate” space.

Taxpayers will have until June 30, 2023 to do so. Then, only a change of situation will require a new declaration.

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