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Strengthen the fight against unsanitary housing


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To strengthen the fight against unsanitary housing, two decrees published this summer supplemented the existing provisions relating to so-called decent housing (decree no. 2002-120 of January 30, 2002) and codified the provisions regarding unsanitary housing. habitation in the regulatory part of the Public Health Code.

Decree No. 2023-641 of July 20, 2023 (published in the JO of July 21) firstly takes up the old provisions of the standard departmental health regulations (dating from 1978), regarding the maintenance of fireplaces and the sweeping of combustion appliances (heating, cooking, production of hot water and smoke ducts).

The professionals responsible for this interview will also have theobligation to inform their customers on the maintenance and proper use of solid fuel devices with a view to reducing their emissions of fine particles into the atmosphere.

The provisions resulting from this decree (articles R1331-66 to R1331-78 of the CSP) come into force on October 1, 2023.
THE Decree No. 2023-695 of July 29, 2023 (published in the JO of July 30) codifies and updates the provisions of the standard health regulations:

  • It recalls the rules to be respected regarding hygiene and sanitation of residential and similar premises (article R1331-24 et seq. of the CSP); these rules are applicable to residential premises, as well as to their surroundings and to the common areas of collective residential buildings.
  • It defines unsanitary situations and premises “by nature unsuitable” for habitation (article R1331-17 of the CSP);
  • It punishes failure to comply with the health and hygiene rules of residential premises with the fine applicable to fourth-class contraventions, the amount of which can go up to €750 (articles R1312-14 of the CSP and R48- 1 6th of the Code of Criminal Procedure).

Mayors and prefects can supplement these provisions locally by decree.


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