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A cult credits, intrigues worthy of the great American soap operas… Châteauvallon had everything to please. What becomes of her heroine, Chantal Nobel?

Series Chateauvallon was broadcast in 1985 on the Antenne 2 channel, every Friday. The first French soap-opera, this program was a real hit with viewers. Stories of family, money, love and betrayal…: all the ingredients were there to make Chateauvallona long-lasting series and ensuring that it will last for many years, like the Flames of love across the Atlantic.

The TV series Chateauvallon, who wanted to be a kind of dallas French-stylehad even been entitled to a credits remained in the memories, Power and Gloryperformed by the singer Herbert Leonard.

Châteauvallon: accident, actor…

But that was without counting on bad luck. Indeed, a real curse fell on the series Chateauvallon. The star of the series, Chantal Nobel who played the role of Florence Berg, a confident lawyer, was the victim of a serious car accident in April 1985, which sealed her fate, and that of the series Chateauvallon at the same time. As the remind our colleagues fromFeminine, Chantal Nobel was in Sacha Distel’s Porsche. Both left the set of the show Champs-Elyseesbefore their vehicle crashed into a road pylon around 3 a.m., in Maltaverne, a village located in Nièvre.

If the singer came out with a few superficial injuries, Chantal Nobel, she remained in a coma for about forty days. When he woke up, the star of the small screen started a long and painful rehabilitation. This accident left her disabled and shattered her career. Series Chateauvallon stopped and Chantal Nobel retired from public life. She married Jean-Louis Julian, a jeweler with whom she had two children.

In an interview with TV Star in 2009, Chantal Nobel said she was very happy. “I am radiant […] Here in Ramatuelle, my existence is peaceful and happy […] I remain 80% disabled. Inevitably, my life has completely changed. Of these twenty-five years, I remember my resurrection and the love that binds me to my husband. For a long time I was angry, but it’s over […] Fifteen years ago, I could very well have shot with a cane and kept the authority that I had in Chateauvallon, but this environment is severe! That doesn’t stop me from being happy. »she added.

Where to watch Châteauvallon?

For fans and nostalgics of that time, the 26 episodes of the soap opera Chateauvallon are available on the YouTube platform. Only the first season was made and aired on television.

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