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Should you redirect your savings to take advantage of the rise in the Livret A?, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

With its rate of return at 3%, the preferred placement of the French widens the gap with its main competitors. What if it was time to rebalance your investments?

The remuneration of the Livret A rose to 3% on February 1, 2023. Its highest level for nearly 15 years. It is also two points more than a year ago (1% in February 2022). Enough to restore vigor to this savings product, acclaimed by more than 55 million French people. And it may not be over. Since its rate is likely to change during the year, it could increase further in August 2023 if the rise in prices continues.

But should you redirect your savings towards this risk-free and tax-exempt investment? Do other products still have a say in making your money grow? Here are the different things to consider.

A return that takes into account the rise in prices

With 27.23 billion euros collected in 2022, according to the Caisse des dépôts et consignations, the Livret A book has had the second best year in its history. What give him back his favorite investment title of the French. It must be said that this short-term, totally liquid savings product…

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