Secure home arrangements without major work to anticipate the loss of mobility

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Photo credit: Cecilie Arcurs

Quite legitimately and like all « freshly » retired young seniors, you do not yet feel concerned by the collateral damage of old age, loss of mobility, risks of falling… Rather than procrastinate, as much anticipate the old days right now with some secure facilities targetedwithout heavy work at home and aesthetic as well.

We are going to show you that, thanks to technological advances, all your assumptions about safe showers and stairlifts are now a thing of the past!

A compact stairlift to continue to access floors effortlessly

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Photo credit: Prima Vital

First area of ​​home to to secure For anticipate the loss of mobility at the seniors : stairs.

The new rail technologies allow an almost tailor-made installation of the electric stairliftwhatever the smallness and shape of the staircase (straight, curved, spiral, etc.), very fast (in one day!), without breakage, without a big budget (possible tax credit) and in complete discretion .

In addition to a myriad of safety equipment (safety sensors, belts, remote control, etc.), comfort and ergonomics, our latest generations of stairlifts offer an extremely compact and modern design.

A contemporary PMR shower to replace the outdated bathtub

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Photo Credit: Prima Vital

The toilet: a harmless everyday gesture today, but tomorrow? Convert a bathtub into a safe shower enough to anticipate the Autonomy lossthe opportunity to renovate the bathroom without big expenses.

The Prima Vital concept consists of removing the dangerous old bathtub and the replace with one senior shower made to measure, modern, equipped with a seat, grab bars, an extra-flat non-slip shower tray, enclosed by modular glass partitions… all in one or two days.

Small or large bathtub, installed in a niche, at an angle… it doesn’t matter, our range of safe showers has been designed to adapt to each bathroom configuration, avoiding heavy work.

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