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Property tax: these cities that have already planned to increase the tax bill

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Property tax, we usually talk about it at the end of the year when the owners have to check out. We are however at the end of May and the subject is already stirring the debate. The reason? Its surge will be unprecedented this year and the 32 million taxpayers who pay local tax each year are likely to cringe. The property tax is calculated on the basis of rental values ​​which depend on the ICPH, the harmonized consumer price index (and not on inflation). However, according to INSEE forecasts, this index should rise by more than 7% in 2023. Unheard of since 1986! At the time, the HICP had soared by 8%, as recalled by the general tax code (article 1518a).

The bill is all the more salty as this upcoming 7% increase is a minimum. Because we must also add the increase in the rate of property tax that mayors can impose on their constituents. And many are very greedy. Judge for yourselves: +52% in Paris, +25% in Grenoble+14% in Metz, +10% in Limoges, +9% in Lyon+5% in Mulhouse and +4.5% in Bordeaux. In total, 7 cities out of the 42 largest cities scrutinized by FSL, have increased the property tax rate which then determines the amount of tax you will have to pay. Only one city was generous: Brest lowered its rate by 1%.

60 euros more per year

All the other municipalities have not touched it. A large majority (34 out of 42) certainly but their constituents will still see their property tax increase by 7%! That is about 60 euros more, knowing that the French pay 853 euros per year on average for this tax. A big burden in the already increased household expenses. The pill will be all the more difficult for owners to digest as the increase in the property tax has not been capped by the government, while Bercy had considered this possibility. This was the case with the increase in rents a year ago. And this ceiling could be prolonged, as the Minister of Housing Olivier Klein wishes. «Owners are permanently an adjustment variable for the government“, laments Frédéric Zumbiehl, lawyer at the National Union of Property Owners.

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