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Moving advice: practical guide to moving with peace of mindBoxes:

For an optimal preparation of your boxes, sort your objects in a logical way, protect them if they are fragile (plastic wrap or newspaper), indicate on the boxes what they contain and in which room they must go, provide handles for easier transport. Before packing your electronic devices, it is always useful to take a picture of your connections.

Transportation :

If you have to carry a fridge or freezer, defrost it in advance to prevent it from leaking everywhere. Tape the drawers of your furniture or remove them. Tie down or strap your furniture and other objects to prevent them from tipping over during transport.

Measures :

In your new home, remember to measure all the places where your furniture and objects will go (bed, sofa, washing machine, curtains, table, etc.) in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Don’t forget to measure the openings of doors and windows, both for transporting your furniture and for placing it.

Household and RC insurance:

It is imperative to take out household and RC insurance as soon as you move in, in order to protect you in the event of damage to your property (furniture, personal effects, etc.). Take advantage of our comparison of household and civil liability insurance in Switzerland in order to find the cheapest insurer according to your needs.

Address change :

Inform the various organizations of your change of address: insurance (Health Insurance, Car InsuranceRC-household, etc.), telecommunications providers (mobile subscription, Internetetc.), financial service providers, post office, municipal authorities (inhabitant control), automobile service, etc.


When you move in, it’s always nice to have quick access to the internet, TV and home phone. Do what is necessary early enough to be well equipped when you arrive. In order to pay less on your telecommunication costs, compare now the combined offers: TV, Internet, mobile and landline subscription.

Need a financial boost to buy your new furniture or to carry out work in your future home? Make your projects a reality by obtaining a private credit at the best rate.

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