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OUR ADVICE – Life insurance contracts make it possible to invest in many media: unit-linked funds and euro funds. The latter should benefit from the rise in interest rates. So, what strategy to adopt?

After a catch-up year 2021, life insurance regained in 2022 its level of fundraising before the health crisis. In total, the French saved 144.4 billion euros over the year, according to figures from France Assureurs, showing their interest in life insurance. They have abandoned a little more funds in euros whose performance has continued to decline. As proof, in 2022, unit-linked units (UA) continue to grow in life insurance portfolios. The share of CUs in contributions stood at 40% over the year, after 39% in 2021.

If units of account present a risk of capital loss, they are considered potentially more profitable than euro funds. This partly explains their progress. The voluntarist policy of the insurers also has a lot to do with it. In recent years, they have restricted access to euro funds by imposing, for example, a mandatory percentage of UC, between 30 and 50%.

In 2023, Euro fund returns are expected to improve while financial markets are currently high. So what strategy should be adopted?

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