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Olympic Games 2024: discover the future athletes’ rooms

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It’s a race against time that began a few years ago. In Saint-Denis, the builders of the Olympic Village have only a few months left to carry out their mission, whatever the constraints and last-minute disappointments. One of them, Vinci Immobilier (Nexity-Eiffage and Icade-Caisse deposits carried out for them by other sectors), opened the doors of its site to us for a final stopover before handing over the keys, in 170 days, to the organizers of Paris 2024 who will manage the latest arrangements and equipment of the site for the athletes and their delegations.

It’s obviously a source of pride to work on a project as unique as an Olympic village.underlines Vincent Louvot, director of the planning and major urban projects department at Vinci. Especially since this, beyond receiving 6,000 athletes during the Games, makes it possible to recycle an urban wasteland which will welcome nearly 3,000 new residents and 3,500 employees from 2025.» The builder’s site, which mobilized up to 1,200 workers, is structured around the Maxwell hall (the long building) and the Copernic pavilion (smaller, it once housed the site’s engineers.) These two buildings which have been completely rehabilitated embody the industrial past of the site. With its 18 chimneys (see the painting by the painter Paul Signac), the place was home to a coal-fired power station at the beginning of the 20th century which powered the Paris metro.

No kitchen in the rooms

The Maxwell hall, 220 meters long, will notably house the fitness center on the ground floor as well as athletes’ rooms and athletes’ offices. After that? In “heritage” mode as the official terminology requires, because all these premises were designed with two series of plans never losing sight of their final destination, it is the services of the Ministry of the Interior which will occupy this vast site of which the ground floor will serve as a catering area.

A quick tour of the future athletes’ rooms perfectly illustrates this principle of “legacy” mode. To optimize space, the apartments do not have a kitchen. All catering will be provided in the immense City of cinema neighbor. On the other hand, it was necessary to install a lot of partitions to create small rooms that could each accommodate two single beds each time. And also a lot of bathrooms. The partitions are therefore all removable while the bathrooms installed in future offices are prefabricated in a single block and will be removed after the Games (via the facade where an opening will have to be made). As for excess bathrooms installed in future accommodation, they are entirely removable and/or recyclable.

Price drop

“The entire site was designed to respect the final destination of the premises and with maximum sobriety”, explains Cyril Després, territorial director at Vinci. A true laboratory, this project allowed Vinci to implement ultra-low carbon concrete (which emits 2.5 times less CO2 as low-carbon concrete) for the floors of an office building or to certify new mixes of materials that can cover the facade of a building wood frame. No less than 10% of the construction materials used must be reused (wooden doors, tiling, carpets in particular) and above all three quarters of what will be removed from the Village after the Games must be reused or recycled. The real challenge for reusing, for example, bathroom blocks will be to synchronize their removal with immediate reinstallation on another site. Logistics made possible by virtual platforms which identify availability and needs in real time, which makes it possible to avoid long storage on a logistics platform as well as unnecessary transport.

Despite all this enthusiasm and prowess, this extraordinary project is overtaken by the gloomy economic situation of new construction. The marketing of the first tranche of 100 homes out of 174, launched three months ago, has so far only attracted around fifteen reservations. At Vinci Immobilier, we believe that this is a completely satisfactory performance, while recognizing that demand is concentrated on smaller budgets. The group also acknowledges having lowered its prices by 2% to respond, at least partially, to the increase in the cost of credit. And the situation is not any easier for offices: the 11,000 m² of the Bokken building are awaiting their first tenant.


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