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Eleventh edition of the Real Estate and City Trades Forum
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What is changing today is the business climate. If the announced economic recession is slow in coming, real estate is turning a new page in its cycle. What does not change, however, are the hiring intentions of decision-makers. Nearly three out of four plan to recruit in the next three years, reports the 7th edition of the Panorama EY-Palladio Foundation of real estate and the city. An appetite confirmed during the Forum of real estate and city professions (FMIV), which Business Immo is co-organising, both by the presence of around a hundred exhibitors and by the record attendance of this 11th edition ( 2,200 visitors).

What does not change either are the difficulties in finding the profiles. A paradoxical example: there are still more than 25,000 vacancies in construction even though the development sector is suffering.

What does not completely change are the motivations of the students. Yes, they are always in search of meaning, more than ever committed to the environmental plan, reports the panorama. Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions from the building stock is their top concern, just ahead of adapting cities and buildings to climate change. But, they now prioritize pay, work environment and career prospects. Nearly eight out of ten students want their future employer to be involved in the deployment of environmental actions, but only one in two is ready to slam the door if his actions do not live up to their personal convictions. In times of crisis, we quickly become pragmatic again.

What really changes is that this recruitment dynamic is driven more by the need to accelerate the transformation of decision-makers’ activities than by their growth. Somehow of the misplaced job application could have said an Alain Béchade. More engineers, managers, technical and even technological profiles. Fewer promoters or marketers.

These future hirings must above all allow companies to fill the gaps in the enormous needs arising from their environmental and technological transformation, rightly underlines the panorama. And these profiles, we look for them outside the seraglio, in the media, e-commerce, new technologies… The porosity of the city that some advocate starts with its own organization. The time will be long, but certainly, real estate will lose the image of income that sticks to its skin. It’s called a moult.

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