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Non-taxable aid for retireesThese aids for retirees are NON-taxable, here is the complete list!

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What non-taxable assistance is paid to retirees? Discover a non-exhaustive list and how to make your requests.

APA, ASH, PCH… These acronyms don’t mean anything? However, your age may give you right to aid, depending on your situation. Help from the government, social assistance from the department or even tax credits: here is the list of all the aid available for retired people non-taxable and how to apply for it.

What support is available for retirees in 2023?

Individuals who employ domestic help, a gardener or other home help can benefit from the instant tax credit since January 28, 2022. Thanks to this system, they no longer have to advance 50% of the costs before being reimbursed. The organization you are using must have activated its authorization with URSSAF to register you for this immediate advance service, upon your request.

Aid received to finance employment of the employee at home must be deducted from expenses (Apa), free choice of childcare supplement (CMG) or financial assistance from the employer). The ceiling for expenses incurred during the year is €12,000 per year, it can be increased to a maximum of €20,000 in certain cases.

Liberté financière

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People over 60 can benefit from APA. Personalized autonomy allowance is aid paid by the departmental council under conditions, to people losing their autonomy. Beneficiaries must reside in France on a stable and regular basis. The allowance cannot be awarded to a French person going to live in an EHPAD abroad.

The disability compensation benefit (PCH) is financial assistance paid by the department. It allows you to reimburse expenses related to your loss of autonomy. The PCH includes 5 forms of aid and its allocation depends on your degree of autonomy, your age, your resources and your place of residence. All information related to the PCH is available in This item.

What is the state aid for small pensions?

Certain aid paid by CAF is non-taxable. This is the case of the PLA and of ASPA. They can help low-income households as well as people receiving a small pension. If you do not meet the conditions for either of these two aids, you can apply for ASH.

This is social assistance for accommodation, which covers all or part of the costs linked to the accommodation of an elderly person in an establishment or with a foster family. It is paid by the department. To be entitled to it, you must be over 65 years old (or over 60 years old if you are recognized as unfit for work), live in France on a stable and regular basis and have resources lower than the amount of accommodation costs.

If you want to move, be aware that there is several aid for retirees, paid by supplementary pension funds. Find out more from your fund (Agirc-ArrcoIRCANTEC or CNRACL).

Meals, transport, etc.: all tax-free assistance for retirees

Meal delivery assistance is paid by the department. To be eligible, you must:

  • be over 65 years old
  • no longer being able to shop or cook
  • have an income less than €953.45 per month if the retiree lives alone or €1,480.24 if the retiree lives as a couple.

For transport assistance allocated to retirees, the amount depends on your resources and your level of loss of autonomy. Transport assistance can be paid by the department or the Agirc-Arrco fund. For the latter, aid takes the form of checks. Sortir Plus checks allow retirees to pay companions for various trips. To benefit from it, you must be at least 75 years old and contribute to Agirc-Arrco.

Liberté financière

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Finally, pension funds can also provide you with assistance called Assistance for Returning Home after Hospitalization (ARDH). It lasts 3 months, from the day of discharge from hospitalization. To benefit from it, you must:

  • be retired from the general scheme or the MSA
  • be over 55 years old
  • need temporary help during the recovery period
  • not be accommodated in a host family
  • not benefit from the APA, the PCH and the PCRTP

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