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Nanobiotix the bearish reversal is underway

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Analysis published on Tuesday September 19, 2023

After marking a yearly high a few weeks ago, the biotechnology company’s stock is plagued by profit-taking.

The fundamental aspect of the file being by nature almost impossible to model, we will concentrate on technical considerations. On this side, the situation has deteriorated significantly for Nanobiotix shares. The downward break of the oblique support line is accompanied by an acceleration in sales and has given the real signal of reversal.

Logically, we should contact the first significant technical support quickly. It is located at 7.60 euros and extends its arms to us while not excluding that we will reach the target of 6.55 euros in a second stage. The technical environment clearly does not inspire confidence. So certainly the volumes are not yet worrying at the sale but there are no buyers to counter the current prices either. It seems that everyone is waiting for a sharper corrective movement.


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