MPs want to better regulate furnished tourist accommodation

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Three MPs today tabled ‘cross-partisan’ proposals to further regulate rentals of furnished tourist accommodation Airbnb in France, hoping to draw regulatory changes from it. Julien Bayou (EELV, Paris), Christophe Plassard (Horizons, Charente-Maritime) and Iñaki Echaniz (PS, Pyrénées-Atlantiques) have indeed detailed seven proposals to limit the impact of these rentals on the availability of accommodation in tourist areas .

“The prices are maddening, we come to situations where locals cannot live on their territory”, justified Iñaki Echaniz, for whom this crisis threatens employment by preventing seasonal workers or nursing staff from finding accommodation. « We really agree on these subjects, and when we have swept the proposals, the convergence is quite easy », underlined Christophe Plassard. « It’s transpartisan but it’s transterritorial too, » he added. « The Basque Country, the island of Oléron and Paris 3e have few things in common, except for the deleterious impact of furnished tourist accommodation,” said Julien Bayou.

Among their proposals, the reduction, from 120 to 90, of the number of nights authorized for tourist rentals, and the extension of this obligation to secondary residences. They also want to reform the taxation of second homes, in order to allow local elected officials to tax them more without harming the inhabitants all year round. MEPs also want to extend the ban on renting thermal colanders, which will gradually hit the most energy-intensive properties, to furnished tourist accommodation (with the exception of mountain areas). The Minister Delegate for Cities and Housing, Olivier Kleinhad already promised this extension in October, but the announcement has so far not been followed up.

A bill is being drawn up, with the aim of having it examined in June, assured Iñaki Echaniz. But the three elected officials called on the government to integrate these measures into a bill, allowing them to be taken up more comprehensively. “We will fire from all woods,” promised Julien Bayou. They also called for more checks on the fraudulent practices of landlords, such as misguided « mobility leases » (concluded with a tenant considered to be a temporary occupant), or abusive sales holidays, aimed at getting rid of a tenant in high season. .


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