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Minimum pension: net, 2023, supplementary pension

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After the passage of the pension reform, what about the minimum pension of 1,200 euros? Who can benefit ? Here are all the minimum pensions.

We have heard at length about a minimum pension of 1,200 euros for certain retirees. But after multiple checks and analyzes by experts, it seems that this promise, put forward by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in February, is in vain. Indeed, you must meet a number of criteria to be able to hope to receive a pension of a minimum amount of 1200 euros.

“In accordance with our commitments, employees and the self-employed, particularly craftsmen and traders who have contributed all their lives with income around the minimum wage, will now leave with a pension of 85% of the net minimum wage, an increase of 100 euros per month. (compared to today, Editor’s note), or almost 1200 euros (gross, Editor’s note) per month »indicated Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, during his announcement on reform retirements on January 10.

It is therefore an increase in minimum contribution which could, for certain insured persons, allow them to receive a pension of 1,200 euros gross. Recently, the Retirement Insurance (Cnav) circular was published. It reveals the amounts of the minimum contributory amount (MiCo) and the increased MiCo. Here are all the retirement amounts for people whose departure is effective after September 1, 2023.

Here are the minimum retirement amounts in 2023

As indicated in the site MoneyVox, the minimum basic pension amount for people with a full pension is 709.13 euros. The basic pension of a retiree with 120 quarters of contributions and a full rate departure is 847.57 euros. Concerning the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension, there is no minimum pension amount. Nevertheless, the amount may vary depending on your career. If the base + additional accumulation exceeds 1,352.23 euros, then the minimum contribution is reduced.

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Who will be entitled to a pension of 1,200 euros in 2023?

According to the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, this increase in value for all retirees will cost the State 1 billion euros. “If the reform follows the timetable planned by the government, there will also be 200,000 new retirees per year who should benefit from it from September 1, 2023. That is a total of 2 million retirees”, according to The Independent.

To receive a minimum retirement pension of 1,200 euros gross, you must accumulate supplementary pensions and basic and have a complete career, that is to say have all your quarters and start at full rate) paid at the minimum wage level.

The increase in small pensions will affect nearly 1.8 million people. But only 700,000 people will receive an increase in their pension this fall, the others will have to wait until the beginning of 2024. “Many policyholders have contributed to several different funds, so we have to rebuild their careers”explained the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt.

According to information of Particular, some people will receive a maximum of 100 euros gross/month more. To do this, they must have contributed at least 120 quarters. Retirees who total less than 120 quarters will receive a bonus of up to 25 euros per month. On average, the increase in small pensions will amount to 56 euros/month.

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