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Lung cancer vaccine

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A study has just shown the beneficial effects of a new vaccine for people with lung cancer.

THE lung cancer affects around 46,000 new people each year in France. A study published on September 11 demonstrates the conclusive effects of a therapeutic vaccine administered to patients with lung cancer advance. The results give hope for an imminent cure, thanks to this treatment revolutionary.

What is the new treatment for lung cancer?

As the reports West France, a phase 3 clinical trial (stage preceding commercialization) of the therapeutic vaccine Tedopi, was carried out by the French biotechnology company OSE Immunotherapeutics. Patients withan advanced form of cancer responded favorably to the drug. The findings were published in the scientific journal Annals of Oncology.

Experts noted a reduced risk of death compared to chemotherapy, just one year after starting treatment. “44.1% of these patients were still alive in the group receiving the vaccine compared to only 27.5% in the chemotherapy group”we can read.

Nearly 219 patients took part in this clinical trial in nine European countries and the United States. The vaccine was administered every three weeks, then every eight weeks for a year, then every 12 weeks, notes theAFP.

“The Tedopi vaccine is effective in patients with the HLA-A2 gene, present in half of the population. Patients entering the randomized trial were previously treated with chemotherapy and immunotherapy”underlines the company OSE Immunotherapeutics.

“The study also shows that the vaccine instead of chemotherapy helps maintain a better quality of life for patients and fewer side effects”analyzes Benjamin Besse, director of clinical research at the Gustave-Roussy Institute.

Who is most affected by lung cancer?

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in men, and the third in women. It is the leading cause of death in France and around the world. According to numbers from the Institut Curie, lung cancer occurs on average at the age of 66 and the incidence and mortality of lung cancer continue to increase among women, while it decreases among men.

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