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Laurent Bignolas reveals the large amount of his retirement and his salary at Télématin, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Guest on the show Chez Jordan, Laurent Bignolas, former presenter of Télématin, made revelations about his income.

For several years, Laurent Bignolas was one of the essential faces of the show Telematin. However, on May 1, 2021, France 2 formalized its departure by announcing the arrival of a new duo for the start of the school year in September. Thus, Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto were chosen to present the program from Monday to Thursday, while Maya Lauqué and Damien Thevenot take care of the weekend entertainment. Since his departure, the journalist has retired. This Monday, June 5, he was the guest of Jordan De Luxe in the show At Jordan’s, broadcast on C8. He then reconsidered his departure from Telematinas well as the salary he received and the amount of his current pension.

Laurent Bignolas talks about his departure from Telematin bitterly

Two years ago, Laurent Bignolas left the presentation of Telematin. Apparently, there have been some tensions within the team, despite the generally good-natured atmosphere that seems to settle on set. “When I arrived on Télématin, there was a controversy immediately”he confided. “With William, I heard everything, because we were on the same trip, they needed a punching bag”he added. “I took buckets of shit in the mouth, everything that some people said, I was responsible for everything, I had a columnist who talked about me while I was next to people in addition to I had defendedexplained the journalist, without language of wood.

Laurent Bignolas then made other confidences: ” I left Télématin, because they no longer had confidence in me! When we talked about new formulas, I understood that I was no longer in it“. At the time, he knew he was no longer going to be at the show’s presentation. “Removing me was in the papers. I gave France Télévisions its freedom, I am no longer a presenter on this group”, he said. He then addressed a few words to his former colleagues: “I’m going to tell the Télématin team: I love you, I’m sad to see that they put themselves in such a state! »

The journalist cash on his finances

On the same occasion, Laurent Bignolas poured out on the salary he received for the show. “I earned 6,500 euros per month on Télématin”, he confided to Jordan de Luxe. The latter reacted, believing that it was not such a high amount for a presenter. “I’m part of the house (…) It’s not PSG! I had job insurance, I was a holder”reacted Laurent Bignolas.

Since he left Télématin, he no longer works at all for France Télévisions. “I work on small projects right and left and take care of my clan. It is the family in the very broad sense, friends and others. It’s helping if we can”, he explained. He also revealed the amount of his retirement, claiming to earn 4,500 euros per month.

How much do presenters earn Telematin ?

According to VSD, the animators of Telematin make a pretty good living. Indeed, according to the magazine, William Leymergie does not receive more than 5,800 euros monthly. Others estimate that the host would have earned around 20,000 euros per month. However, the latter never spoke on this subject, and the same goes for the other presenters, apart from Laurent Bignolas, who did not make as many revelations.

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