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Known for their « ugly » shoes, Crocs is also a nice investment

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Known worldwide for its shoes which have met with undeniable success despite a style which is itself one of the most questionable, the company Crocs Inc (NASDAQ:) is much less known for its action.

However, investors would do well to take a closer look at this stock in our opinion.

Listed on the , Crocs shares have indeed risen more than 90% over the past 12 months. Moreover, between the start of the year and the 2023 peak marked at $151 on April 24, the stock posted a gain of more than 37%, a performance well above certain tech giants which are doing headlines regularly.

However, the stock has been correcting for over a month, now trading at $106, as the outlook remains positive, suggesting a buying opportunity.

To learn more about the company and to check the relevance of the buying opportunity, we used theInvestingPro fundamental analysis tool

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Crocs stock update

We therefore first looked at the latest financial results published on April 27, and we were able to observe that they turned out to be very solid, with an EPS which exceeded the consensus of 21.3%, and a turnover which is revealed 3.1% above forecasts.

Crocs Results

Source : Investing Pro

However, it turns out that exceeding expectations in terms of financial results is a long-standing habit for Crocs, which has notably exceeded expectations in terms of profits and revenues for the last 7 consecutive quarters, as seen below :

Source : Investing Pro

We then looked at the profitability of the company from the point of view of Ebitda, and we were reassured to note that the trend of recent years has been largely positive.

Ebitda Crocs

Ebitda Crocs

Source : Investing Pro

Crocs stock: what upside potential?

Finally, of course, we inquired about the analysts’ objectives and the conclusions of the valuation models for the Crocs stock.

Crocs Action Lenses

Source: Investing Pro

In this regard, it should be noted that the InvestingPro Fair Value of Crocs Stockwhich synthesizes several models based on financial flows, stands at $153.40, 43.7% above Friday’s closing price.

Moreover, the 10 professional analysts who follow the stock are on average showing a similar target of $154.60, and none anticipate a fall, the lowest target being $124, more than 16% above the current course.


Unaccustomed to making headlines, the Crocs stock is nonetheless a quality stock, with an impeccable earnings history, and which is considered undervalued by InvestingPro models as well as professional analysts.

Combine this with the fact that the stock is coming out of a month of correction that appears to be driven by nothing but the gloomy economic outlook, a buying opportunity could be looming.

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