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“It’s not good for your health”, these two foods that he prohibits himself from eating

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Good advice for viewers, Michel Cymes prohibits himself from eating two everyday foods, which he considers harmful.

Of all the doctors we see on television, Michel Cymes is surely the most famous of them. Renowned in his field, he above all became a columnist on Telematinbefore becoming the emblematic face of Health magazine on France 5. He also hosted shows like Hello doctors as well as The extraordinary powers of the human body. Very often, he guides viewers on certain health problems, and in particular on questions of diet.

Michel Cymes drew a line under two foods

Without taboo on all health issues, Michel Cymes made some confidences about his diet to Tele-Leisure. He then explained to our colleagues that he had drawn a line under two specific foods. To our great surprise, it was neither junk food from fast food nor sweets! On the other hand, he claimed to have “stopped eating junk”which are ultra-processed foods.

“Danette-type dairy desserts, I sometimes ate them. And I understood that gelling is not good for your health. Same for the milk buns… All that, I stopped”, explained the doctor. On the other hand, he replaced these foods that he considers harmful with “lots more vegetables, fruits”.

“We are less heavy, we feel better. And if I can avoid getting sick, that’s good. », added the doctor. On the other hand, he makes much less effort on red meat, saying he consumes too much of it. “I could make a rib of beef a day with béarnaise sauce! But I know it’s not good »specified Michel Cymes.

The doctor discreet about his kidney cancer

Initially, Michel Cymes did not reveal that he suffered from kidney cancer. A discovery he made after a skiing accident in 2008. “First, I wasn’t ready. When I found out, I told very few people about it. Not even to my parents, nor to my children. I didn’t want to worry them. »he explained to Gala. Finally, he confided at length in his book, Nothing is impossible, my story could be yoursreleased in October 2022.

michel cymes book

Photo credit: Instagram @drmichelcymes

In the columns of Worldthe doctor wanted to make readers aware of the importance of screening. “It’s because I want to motivate the French to get tested by showing them that, if I hadn’t done it, I would be dead by now”, he declared to the newspaper without tongue in cheek. To be cured, Michel Cymes opted for the solution of removing part of the kidney, but did not need to go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. “I was lucky again, everything was healed. Since then, I’ve had myself monitored every two years, that’s all. »he clarified.

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