it is worth 400€!

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Get ready to do the big cleaning! This rare €1 coin can be worth up to €400. Issued in 2007, it was withdrawn from circulation after a typing error.

It can happen that a coin lying around in your bag or in the bottom of your drawers can be worth its weight in gold. Between the Franc coins, the old tickets that collectors are snapping up and the brand new pieces that have just come out limited edition to mark special occasions, luck can smile on you! A rare coin highly sought after by seasoned numismatists is in circulation. This is a very special €1 coin.

Which €1 coins are valuable?

This rare €1 coin was issued in 2007. It would be worth, according our colleagues from the Belgian magazine Max South Info, almost 400€! A crazy sum for a coin, which motivates to search all the nooks and crannies of your home to hope to get your hands on it. Fortunately, this rare coin worth gold would be easily recognizable.

“Due to a typing error, the coin came out completely smooth, with no markings on both sides. It was therefore withdrawn from circulation, only 2000 copies are still circulating today.we learn in the columns of the magazine.

This coin is very valuable

This rare coin represents a person belonging to a world famous princely family. Indeed, it is the face of Prince Albert II of Monaco that features one of the sides of this collector’s coin. If you are looking for this rare coin, take a good look if the profile of the son of Prince Rainier and the actress Grace Kelly appears in relief. Take care and be extra vigilant: it must be a coin dating from the year 2007. Keep an eye out!

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