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International comparative study on Digital at the service of ecology

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The questionnaire was mainly interested in three aspects:

  • The country’s overall strategy for ecological transition
  • The role of digital and data in the service of the ecological transition
  • The governance associated with these action plans

This new international comparative study is based on the work carried out by the economic and regional services of Washington, London, Tokyo, Canberra, New Delhi, The Hague as well as the economic services of Copenhagen, Helsinki, from Bern, Tel-Aviv, Montreal and Riga.

The main conclusions:

  • The ecological transition is a rising priority for the majority of the countries studied
  • The idea of ​​putting digital technology at the service of ecology varies from country to country, with the two themes sometimes being treated separately
  • The data collection and analysis strategy, “smart cities”, the greening of data centers and the widespread use of the cloud are operational measures shared by several countries.


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