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Increase in small pensions

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Depending on the number of quarters contributed and your retirement date, you can receive a bonus of 100 euros or less, thanks to the revaluation of small pensions.

Small retirement pensions will increase! Nearly 1.8 million people will be able to benefit from this exceptional revaluationannounced by the government a few months ago. “The minimum contribution will be increased by 100 euros from September”declared the Elysée.

Indeed, the amended social security financing law (LFRSS) will allow the indexation of the amount of the contributory minimum and the increased reference pension to the SMIC. The amount of the minimum contribution is set at 684.14 euros per month until the end of the year.

Increase in small pensions: what amounts, for whom, when?

According to information of Particular, some people will receive a maximum of 100 euros gross/month more. But for this, they must have contributed at least 120 quarters. Retirees who total less than 120 quarters will receive a bonus of up to 25 euros per month. On average, the increase in small pensions will amount to 56 euros/month. Retirees who left before September 1, 2023 and whose departure is recent will receive their pension increased from October 9.

“600,000 people will receive this increase from the fall, in the coming weeks and in particular on the September retirement payment. For the others, it will be staggered until the beginning of 2024 because many policyholders have contributed to several different funds, so we have to rebuild their careers”explained the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt in the broadcast of Four Truths on France 2.

Increase in small pensions: a larger bonus for new retirees

The big winners from this increase in pensions are undoubtedly newly retired people. In fact, they will be able to benefit from a larger bonus, depending on their contribution. If they contributed their entire career at minimum wage full-time and liquidate their full rate pensionsthey will receive up to 1,193 euros (848 euros basic pension and 345 euros Agirc-Arrco retirement), note our colleagues.

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