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« I make a very good living », the cash actor on his financial situation

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Having become a star thanks to Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, Dany Boon is one of the highest paid actors in French cinema.

Since the success of Welcome to the Ch’tis, Dany Boon is one of the highest paid French actors on the big screen. Chaining the popular successes, it has of course allowed him to have a very comfortable life, and not only in France, since he also lived in Los Angeles and London. From now on, he continues to be paid very well with each new film. He recently opened up about his financial situation – and he clearly has nothing to complain about!

Huge fees for his films

Became one of the biggest hits at the national box office, Welcome to the Ch’tis really propelled Dany Boon to the rank of stars. Thanks to this film, he received 90,000 euros as a director, and 900,000 euros as an actor. According to Le Figaro, he would have even earned at least 26 million euros just thanks to this film. With such income, he was then the highest paid French actor in 2008.

In 2012, the words of producer Vincent Maraval had offended him, because he criticized the method of remuneration of French actors. “Talking about the salary of actors is quite new. Louis de Funès lived in a castle and we never asked him these questions, Fernand Raynaud drove a Rolls Royce. If I arrive at the studio like this morning in a Rolls, the next day, I’ll be on the cover of all the magazines.reacted Dany Boon.

« At no time do we mention that I help associations with my money, we never write that after Welcome to the Ch’tis, I gave 20% more salary to the whole team. That I gathered with Jérôme Seydoux 2.5 million euros for the Ch’tifonds. That I get involved in Children Action, an association based in Geneva”had added the actor.

Dany Boon talks about his financial situation

For Paris MatchDany Boon returned to his very comfortable financial situation. “So, yes, I earn a very good living, compared to my past as a prolo and banned from banking. But I am happy to pay my taxes, to be taxed at 45%, I find that perfectly normal”he explained to our colleagues.

He took advantage of this interview to drive the point home, he who had already spoken about it on Facebook in 2019. This followed the revelations of Mediapartwho accused him of having made tax optimization. “I have always paid, I pay and I will always pay all the tax where it is claimed from me wherever I carry out my professional and artistic activities. I am proud to have paid in France in 2018, on my 2017 income, a very significant tax corresponding to a tax rate of almost 50%”he wrote on the social network in reaction, before filing a complaint against the investigation site for » flight «, « breach of secrecy of correspondence », “breach of professional secrecy” And « concealment ».

Despite the successes, the actor and humorist tries to stay grounded in reality. “We are lucky enough to earn a good living so that we don’t have to worry about it. Our job is to make films to sublimate life, which is not easy at the moment. That doesn’t mean we can’t see what’s going on. We are well-to-do people, but I am worried about my children”, he specified. One thing is certain, Dany Boon remains a successful actor, since he notably shot Murder Mystery alongside Jennifer Aniston, for Netflix.

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