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“I fled Paris”, the actor left everything to live in Provence

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A few years ago, François Cluzet left Paris to go to the south of France, to his wife’s region of origin.

Great actor of his generation, François Cluzet is currently starring in the film A serious job, a comedy-drama set in a college. He took advantage of the promotion of this film to defend the teaching profession, on the set of the show C this evening, saying that it is devoted to “vocation and group spirit” and described “the pleasure of transmitting”. He also just celebrated his 68th birthday. The opportunity to look back on his life in Provence, far from the tumult of Paris.

The peaceful life of François Cluzet in Provence

A few years ago, François Cluzet made the radical decision to leave Paris. “It’s been four years since I fled Paris, the city where I lived since my birth. A city that has become too stressful. I settled in a Provençal village 35 km from Cannes, my partner’s region. The trees make me feel good and our residence overlooks the forest. Many people dream of going into exile in the South, but you still have to find work there. I am lucky enough to be able to continue my profession, my passion, no matter where I live”entrusted the actor to TV Star.

In another interview with Hello Planethe deplored the number of advertisements present in the streets of Paris. “I live in the countryside now. I do not support it anymore. It doesn’t stop! »he said. » That’s enough ! Our eyes don’t have to be polluted, our ears don’t have to be polluted. You’re pissing us off! That’s enough ! We can’t walk two meters in Paris without having 45 adverts around our faces, just asking us to buy, buy. »added the actor, then giving a real rant.

Who is François Cluzet’s wife, Narjiss Slaoui-Falcoz?

In the past, François Cluzet worked alongside screenwriter Chantal Perrin, with whom he had a daughter, Blanche, in 1984. A few years later, he was the companion of Marie Trintignantand they had a son together, Paul, born in 1993. He then lived with Valérie Bonneton for thirteen years, with whom he had two children, Joseph, born in 2001, and Marguerite, born in 2006.

François Cluzet

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In 2010, François Cluzet met Narjiss Slaoui-Falcoz, former director of communications at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes. At that moment, the actor thought “too old to love”as he explained to Paris Match. “I met Narjiss six months before filming Intouchables (…) For her, I would have done anything. I would have followed her everywhere”, he said. He then married his partner on July 5, 2011.

“I met a woman who is not an actress, who frankly does not even appreciate the actors whom she saw as spoiled, capricious and idiotic children. I’m happy about it, because it reminds me not of the partner, but of the man I am. I feel strong. A woman in love makes me virile, I feel like a man”he explained to Marie Claireaware of his luck.

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