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Humor: when pension reform inspires jokers, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This Thursday, January 19 is marked by a strike movement against the pension reform. On the web, pranksters (as well as press cartoonists!) have taken inspiration from it to publish many jokes and humorous images. Anthology.

On Tuesday January 10, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the main axes of the pension reform. On the program: age decline legal departure at age 64 (against 62 currently), removal of special dietsincrease in small retreatsmeasurements on thesenior employment

If the government justifies the need for this reform by coming demographic shock and COR forecasts on the financing of pensionssome of these measures, in particular the raising of the legal age, do not pass with the unions, even if the government promises the application of the ” grandfather clause“, i.e. the passage in force of the measures for newcomers only.

A first day of social movement was therefore organized this Thursday, January 19 to protest against these measures. On the sidelines of the demonstrations, prankster Internet users and many press cartoonists took up the subject with their biting humour. Result: many images and jokes have flooded social networks. We invite you to discover an anthology.

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