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How to reduce the cost of your life insurance?, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The fees levied on your life insurance contracts significantly reduce their performance. 48307749/Olivier Le Moal –

OUR ADVICES – Significant savings can be achieved if you understand the structure of these fees.

Nearly 2000 billion euros are invested by the French in contracts oflife insurance. A capital that delights finance professionals: managers, insurers, distributors… They take from this windfall, more or less discreetly, the fees that remunerate them, and which significantly reduce the performance of your contracts. “Savers don’t always understand the cost structure of life insurance”, notes Marie-Stéphanie Hess, director of development at Sicavonline. However, if you take a little interest in it, it is possible to make significant savings.

Can we negotiate the fees on installment?

Zero in a contract distributed on the internet, the fees on payment represent in the other contracts 2% on average, and can sometimes reach 5%, the maximum authorized by law. Also called entry fees, they are deducted from the sums paid and reduce the share of capital invested. Your savings are thus nibbled away even before reaching your contract. For 2000 euros…

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