How to choose your online bank?

Are you fed up with the incessant increases of conventional banks? Why wouldn’t you opt for online banking? The latter have already attracted more than 6 million French people and their popularity continues to grow. But how to choose yours?

What is an online bank?

Also called electronic banking or Internet banking, online banking offers the same services as a traditional bank, except that its services are dematerialized. To open or manage accounts, monitor transactions, view balances, make payments or transfers, customers must connect to the mobile application or the online banking website.

Online banking has no physical branch and is usually a subsidiary of a major French bank. It also enjoys the status of a credit institution and should above all not be confused with the neo-bank (the latter is a payment institution and only carries out day-to-day banking transactions).

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What are the advantages of online banking?

If many French people have taken the plunge, it is obviously because online banks offer multiple advantages. The main ones are:

  • a guarantee of trust: as indicated above, online banks are most often owned by traditional banks. This further reassures customers;
  • reduced costs: due to the absence of physical branches, the operating costs of online banks are lower than those of traditional banks. No wonder their costs are reduced;
  • accounts accessible 24/7: whether you are in France or abroad, you can access your accounts and carry out transactions at any time;
  • the ease and speed of transfers: online banks are connected to national or international banking networks, which facilitates and speeds up money transfers;
  • additional innovative and practical tools: ideal for customers looking for a complete range of banking products.

How to choose an online bank?

Here are some tips for choosing an online bank:

  • check the offers: not all offers from online banks are advantageous. Since you will not meet the banker physically, it would be best to study them well;
  • compare the fees of several banks: in this way, you will avoid possible unpleasant surprises;
  • define your needs and take your profile into account;
  • ensure the ergonomics of the site;
  • assess the quality of customer support.

Online banks are the ideal solution for those who want to save a few euros. They are easily accessible and include a large number of additional services. They also make it easier to perform operations.

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