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his son Anthony gives news, after the accusations against Hiromi Rollin

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More than two months after the complaints against Hiromi Rollin, Alain Delon’s « companion lady », how is the 87-year-old actor doing?

On July 5, Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien Delon filed a complaint against Hiromi Rollin, presented as the companion of their father, Alain Delon. They accused her of moral harassment, misappropriation of correspondence, animal abuse, intentional violence, kidnapping and abuse of weakness. Hiromi Rollin was quick to contest the facts in a letter addressed to the Montargis prosecutor, also claiming to have maintained a romantic relationship with the 87-year-old actor. Guest on the set of the show Clickbroadcast on Monday September 18 on Canal+, Anthony Delon gave news of his father.

Anthony Delon speaks out on complaints against Hiromi Rollin

On the Mouloud Achour set, Anthony Delon returned to his complaints against Hiromi Rollin. Before embarking on this procedure, Alain Delon’s eldest son collected the evidence for two years. What tipped him off? His father’s stroke in 2019. “My father had an accident, he fell. And this woman didn’t call anyone, neither my sister, nor my brother, nor me. We found out the next day. He was on anticoagulants and had a stroke as everyone knows”he explained.

The day after his accident, Alain Delon called his daughter Anouchka to tell her that he was in the hospital. “From that moment on, I built these complaints with the police and actually told everything that happened. They told me: ‘That, sir, is moral harassment, that is abuse of weakness, that is confinement, that is violence against a vulnerable person’said Anthony Delon.

How has Alain Delon been doing since this dark affair?

During this interview, Mouloud Achour caught up with the actor. Fortunately, these are rather reassuring. “We no longer talk about this matter. He’s doing pretty well. », confided Anthony Delon. According to him, his father also found a smile again. “On the way there, I stopped in Courtenay to buy pizza. (…) And then, at one point, he said to me: ‘Are you sleeping there tonight?’ I told him: ‘No, I just came to bring you the pizzas and I’ll leave afterwards' »added Alain Delon’s son.

alain delon and anthony

Photo credit: Instagram @therealanthonydelon

At 87 years old, the actor seems to be well surrounded by his children. He also got back his dog, Loubo, who had been placed in a kennel against his will. According to Alain Delon’s children, Hiromi Rollin mistreated him “unacceptably”. On their Instagram accounts, Anouchka and Anthony published images of the Malinois, back in Douchy with his master.

“He is my final dog, whom I love like a child. If he were to die before me, which I hope, I wouldn’t take any others. […] If I die before him, I will ask the vet that we leave together. He will sting him so that he dies in my arms. I prefer that to knowing that he will let himself die on my grave with so much suffering. »declared Alain Delon to Paris Matchin 2018.

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