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His land is sold without his knowledge, he claims 2 million dollars

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Daniel can’t believe his eyes. The 2000 m² land he has owned for more than 30 years, in Fairfield, Connecticut, was sold without his consent in 2022. And to top it off, a 371 m² house, with four bedrooms, is under construction on the plot.

This lot belonged to his own father since 1953. He had acquired it for 5000 dollars at the time. It was therefore with amazement that this American owner learned from a friend that a house was being built on his land. He then went there to verify the statements of his friend and discovered that the promoter 51 Sky Top Partners LLC had bought the land last October for 350,000 dollars, or nearly 319,000 euros. According to Coldwell Banker, the house under construction would already be the subject of a conditional offer at a price of 1.5 million dollars.

Daniel therefore decides in July to prosecute the company for 9 counts including intrusion, theft and unfair commercial practices. He wishes to cancel the sale and is asking for damages in the amount of 2 million dollars, or approximately 1,800,000 euros. He also asks that the building materials of the house be removed and that the plot be returned to him in the state it was in before the intrusion of the sellers, according to Business Insider.

Passing down land to the next generation

The company, for its part, ensures have been the victim of a scam : a person would have taken the name of Daniel and would have signed a manifestly falsified power of attorney in his place to seize this property. «We learned to our surprise and dismay that [Daniel NDLR] had not sold us the property. Instead, a third party had impersonated him and – due to the negligence of the various real estate professionals involved in the transaction – managed to list, market and sell the property without anyone noticing. realizes“, lament the managers of the company.

The promoter 51 Sky Top Partners LLC offered 500,000 dollars, or more than 455,000 euros, for the land, but the owner declined this offer. Daniel wishes to keep his land for sentimental reasons and has the firm intention of passing it on to the next generation. The promoter, he does not want to stop there and brings his own legal action against the real estate professionals who authorized this sale, without realizing the trickery.


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