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here is THE brand that breaks down the least, according to 60 million consumers

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To find a coffee maker that lasts over time and with few breakdowns, we can rely on the latest study of 60 million consumers.

On a daily basis, our household appliances make our lives much easier. So, when they break down, you have to do without them for a while, until they are repaired or replaced. However, according to 60 million consumers, some brands are particularly reliable and are more worth investing in than others. To define which are the best, experts conducted a large study with 6,000 consumers who shared their personal experiences with their devices.

“This major survey allowed us to calculate a reliability rate (from the number of breakdowns on our respondents’ devices less than ten years old, as well as a satisfaction rate (ease of use, performance, noise level, etc.) for seven device classes », explained the magazine. After the dishwashers and the washing machineshe focused his attention on coffee makers.

What is the most reliable brand of coffee maker?

As we can see in the comparative table concerning coffee makers, the results are rather mixed, particularly with regard to the availability of spare parts to carry out repairs. “The average reliability of coffee makers has jumped 4 points since 2021”, specifies the magazine in its article. The best progression goes to the Dolce Gusto Krups machine, “went from a rate of 76% to 85.8%”. However, she did not come in first place.

Of all the espresso coffee makers, the Nespresso Krups is the most reliable, with a reliability rate of 88.4%. It has an availability of spare parts over 15 years, with user satisfaction of 8.3/10. Overall, it garners a recommendation score of 15.2/20. This coffee maker is followed by the Krups, 86.3% reliable, with spare parts availability over 15 years and user satisfaction of 8.2/10. Overall, she gets a score of 14.6/20. In third position, the Dolce Gusto Krups obtains a score of 14.5/20, thanks to its reliability rate of 85.8%, spare parts availability of 15 years and user satisfaction of 8.1%.

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On the other hand, other brands lose points due to very low availability of spare parts. This is particularly the case for the Nespresso Magimix, the Senseo Philips and the Philips whose availability of spare parts is only 5 years. As for the Tassimo Bosch and the Bosch, this duration is more like 7 years. In any case, in this comparison table, we see that no machine has a total score below average, which makes them, overall, good devices.

How to properly maintain your coffee machine?

For good maintain your coffee makerit is important to have good reflexes. “Despite these encouraging results, significant breakdowns still occur, mainly caused by the accumulation of scale inside the devices”, explains the magazine. But how to avoid this problem? “Use spring or filtered water instead and remember to descale your machine three to four times a year using a product recommended by the professional”advises 60 million consumers. Furthermore, remember to wash all the removable parts of your coffee maker, such as the pod holder, the receptacle or even the grill, for optimal hygiene.

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