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here are the 10 BEST for health, according to Yuka

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Of all the fruit yogurts in our supermarkets, 10 stand out among the best for our health, according to Yuka.

For several years, the Yuka application has become a reference for choosing the right products. Indeed, it allows consumers to scan the barcodes of food products – among other things – to receive detailed information on the composition of the products. Each of them also has a score, awarded out of 100. The application analyzed a wide range of yogurts with fruitswhich we consume every day.

An in-depth analysis of the composition of food products

As simple consumers, we don’t always know which products are best. If we often rely on a brand we know, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. We must therefore pay close attention to the composition of products, especially when they are food, and Yuka helps us to see this more clearly.

Concerning the yogurts, you must first know that the main information is its calcium content, which should ideally be 148 mg per 100 g. You must also ensure that there is not too much fat, which generally varies depending on the milk used. Finally, also pay attention to the quantity of sugars present, because some manufacturers tend to saturate their products.

What are the 10 best fruit yogurts according to Yuka?

According to Yuka, the fruit yogurt that comes in first place is that of the Bio Village brand, from E. Leclerc stores, which obtains a score of 94/100. This package is then classified among the “excellent” category, thanks to its score between 75 and 100. In second position, we find Les P’tits Miam from the Les 2 Vaches brand, with a score of 88/100, and fresh fruit cheeses from Simply Good and Organic.

Even after this podium with excellent scores, Yuka noted excellent references for fruit yogurts. If you choose one of those in this ranking, you can’t go wrong! Among the 10 best products, we find U bio’s fresh fruit cheeses, with a score of 85/100, in fourth place, followed by Activia’s peach and raisin probiotic yogurts and pineapple and raisin probiotic yogurts. apricot from the same range.

In seventh position, we find fruit yogurts from the Pâturages brand, with a score of 84/100. In the Envia range, strawberry yogurts occupy eighth place while peach yogurts are in ninth place. Finally, in tenth position, whole milk yogurts with pieces from the U organic brand obtain a score of 82/100. Regardless, this entire ranking belongs to the category » excellent «.

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