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Heading towards low carbon real estate

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Low carbon real estate is real estate that respects its environment. In new buildings, it must encourage the use of biosourced and geosourced materials, promote energy efficiency, adapt buildings to new uses, meet the needs for greening, while providing comfortable living for its inhabitants. If moving towards low-carbon real estate is part of history, there are still obstacles.

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» It’s long. It’s a revolution. It takes time for this to settle in order to actually get started. There is the use of more noble materials to build better, in a more exemplary and more virtuous way, there is reuse…the obstacles are rather there. That is to say, we must give players in the sector time to make this transition. Fortunately, many of them are already on this path. » underlines Férielle Deriche, president of the low carbon real estate show (SIBCA).

The video of the show

Mobilize the sector

The Sibca show, scheduled for September 20 to 22, at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris, promises to accelerate the transformation of a sector long responsible for nearly a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. Awareness is effective. The promise to build differently must precede actions.

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Beyond the conferences and workshops, the exhibitors are in tune with environmental issues and climate challenges. “As it’s a revolution, everything has to be changed and it’s complicated. L’BBCA association (low carbon building) was born from this observation. About ten years ago, there were a few players who were committed to low carbon. The movement continues and is gaining momentum. More and more players have integrated the priority of low carbon and are finding solutions. » testifies Stanislas Pottier, president of the association.

The SIBCA show

Today, BBCA represents around a hundred members: groups of builders, promoters, architects, design offices, developers, lessors, real estate companies, investors, communities…The missions of the association are clear. To achieve the objective of halving emissions, we must mobilize the sector on the urgency of reducing the carbon footprint of buildings, develop knowledge and promote good practices, in particular through the allocation of a benchmark.

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Innovate for tomorrow

Originally, the BBCA label was the first in the world to measure the carbon performance of a building. “We look at the entire life cycle. That is to say the carbon footprint of the materials used in construction. We are attentive to the impact of the work in terms of renovation, the reuse of the existing, recycling, short circuits… it is the same approach for the operation, what we consume, how the inhabitants or employees use the building. Today we have an extension of the benchmark, BBCA label on commerce and the neighborhood. » specifies Stanislas Pottier.

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Examples of low carbon operations

The new RE 2020 regulations are based on the progressive transformation of construction techniques and encourage environmental performance. We must also keep in mind the intensity of use which can be reduced, the ways of using housing, an office, thinking about the reversibility of a building in order to have the possibility of changing destination over the years. It is still necessary to design the development upstream, multiply the permits to innovate and the phases of local consultations. In a context of housing shortage, the challenges are major: getting out of the ground, rehabilitating, transforming and providing solutions to construct, design and renovate major urban projects and the buildings of tomorrow.

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