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He demolished a tenant’s home with a bulldozer, the court acquitted him

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A simple disagreement can sometimes turn into a tragedy. In Var (83), a tenant returns home, after dropping his son off at school, and finds himself face to face with a mechanical excavator tearing apart part of his house. The roof and facade are destroyed. Inside, the ceiling is hanging by a thread. Worse: the tenant’s parents are still in the house. Inside the machine, he recognizes its owner and tries to intervene but he is obviously no match for the machine and must move aside. The tenant, who claims to have not been warned of the owner’s arrival, files a complaint for «violence with use of a weapon« . “Fake!» replies the lessor, who assures that a bailiff personally handed him, the day before the intrusion, a summons to leave the premises.

The reason for this conflict? The lessor accuses the tenant of not having respected the terms of the rental contract. “I rented part of the house to him, a T5 of 100 m² out of a total of 400 m²says the owner, quoted by Var-Matin. However, he took over the entire house, sublet it to his parents and practices his job on site even though I did not give him my authorization.» The lease would mention a “single-storey detached house and its basement garage. Five main rooms, 100 m² of living space», without specifying who owns the different rooms of the house. The owner, who claims that a bailiff told him that he was within his rights, assures that the part of the house that he has “modified» belongs to him. Which the tenant denies.

A purebred dog and cameras

The standoff continued in court. And, to everyone’s surprise, the owner won his case. The Draguignan court dismissed the tenant’s complaint without further action, on the grounds that “the facts could not be clearly established by the investigation. The evidence is therefore not sufficient for the offense to be committed.» The complainant will not stop there and has decided to appeal. In the meantime, the tenant and his parents still live in the house, open to the four winds. This professional carpenter had to cover the roof then, once the gendarmerie investigation was completed, consolidate the frame, clean the rubble and reinforce the gate which had been broken down by the mechanical excavator. To secure his house, the tenant hired a guard dog and installed video surveillance cameras. Pending the decision of the Court of Appeal.


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