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Francaise des jeux The title could climb with two possible scenarios

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Analysis published on Wednesday September 20, 2023

Since its ATH in 2021, La Française des Jeux (FDG) has been stuck in a downward trend up to support at €30. Subsequently, the stock began a technical rebound, failing twice below the resistance of €39-40. Especially since a double top under €36 was bluntly validated. From now on, prices have almost reached the final objective of the chartist figure at €32 with a MACD And ROI well below their respective waterline in weekly units.

Assuming that €32 holds firm, we could see a rebound, but with the fear of a simultaneous pullback below €36, the moving average at 50 weeks and the descending line. Conversely, the bulls would have a good chance of coming out big. This would make it possible to build good foundations for a new bull market beyond €39-40.


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